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The International KB5 is a make of truck available in L.A. Noire. Its identifying feature is a flatbed instead of a box on the back of it.


  • Guaranteed location is in the alley behind the building Cole circles around to sneak up on the rooftop sniper at Bronson and Fernwood in Manifest Destiny. - it isn't guaranteed to be there in free roam.
  • Can also be found in The Gas Man when chasing the suspect from the Sawyer house it will drive out in front of you.
  • Multiple KB5s can be found during the street crime Canned Fish, as well as Thicker Than Water (in the construction site while chasing the green car).
  • At various locations during the chase in Manifest Destiny originating at Robert's Diner.
  • During the Patrol case Armed and Dangerous, two KB5's will be positioned at a road construction site one block west of the bank robbery location. Be sure to drive to the robbery afterwards and complete the mission, otherwise it won't be saved.
  • The vehicle can be found in Westlake, the Warehouse District and Boyle Heights.

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