"Phelps, you got nothing. Biggs, Ryan is waiting for you in Interview One. Varley's in Two."
―James Hopkins

James Hopkins is a character in L.A. Noire. He is mentioned by Ralph Dunn in the mission Armed and Dangerous. He is Watch Commander of Wilshire Police Station.

Events of L.A. Noire


After Phelps kills the assailant hired by Mickey Cohen to murder Felix Alvarro, Hopkins turned up at the crime scene to help secure the area. He is standing at one of the police barriers with Frank Lacey.


Phelps and Biggs come back to Wilshire Police Station to interview possible arsonists who burnt down the Steffens and Sawyer houses. Rudely ignoring Phelps, Hopkins tells Biggs which interview rooms Matthew Ryan and Reginald Varley are being held in.

When Phelps and Biggs are investigating the explosion of the Nicholson Electroplating Plant and return to the Wilshire Police Station to see Ray Pinker, Hopkins is still rude, but informs Phelps that Pinker is downstairs in the Technical Services room.

Case Appearances




  • His name may be a possible reference to Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist of Bully, another game by Rockstar.
  • Even though Hopkins has the rank of Lieutenant, the insignia on his sleeve belongs to that of a Police Sergeant.
  • Technically, Hopkins can potentially an appearance in every case, but going down to Wilshire Police Station to prove the facts is not normal gameplay.
  • His badge is labeled "POLICE OFFICER" and bears the number 1247.
  • If Varley is charged, Hopkins will proceed to take him out of the interview room.
  • The only time Hopkins is witnessed outside his office other than Manifest Destiny is if Phelps charges Reginald Varley in The Gas Man. He is not seen leaving the office, but seeing as how this is a cinematic scene, the appropriate scripting for his office door to physically open is never applied.


"You clowns ought to be getting on with it."
―James Hopkins
"Don't you have suspects and hot leads waiting on you?"
―James Hopkins
"You seen the way people around here look at you, Phelps? I'd move along, if I were you."
―James Hopkins
"Pinker sounded pretty hepped up. You'd best go down."
―James Hopkins