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Jennifer Horgan is a character in L.A. Noire, appearing as Celine Henry's neighbour in the case, The Red Lipstick Murder.

Jennifer Horgan is questioned by Phelps on the location and activity of Mrs Henry earlier on the night of her murder. To this Horgan recalls a row between her and her husband Jacob Henry at their home, resulting in a black eye on Mrs. Henry's part.

No questioning is required to gain information from Jennifer Horgan, but her account enters the clue, Marital Problems in Phelps' notebook, as well as a new Person Of Interest (herself).


She drives a Blue 1940 Ford Business Coupe.


  • Depending on which version the player is using while playing the game, Horgan's notebook sketch differs. On the Xbox 360, she appears with a ribbon tied around her neck and sporting a sun hat. On the PS3 version, she appears as in-game, wearing a dress coat and no hat.

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