"Yeah, I'm great. Poorer but great."
―John Cunningham

John Cunningham is a character in L.A. Noire and a person of interest in The Gas Man Arson case.



Cunningham worked as a sales representative at Gulliver's Travel Agency. He also supervised a promotional travel contest organized by the Suburban Redevelopment Fund, with a prize of a free weekend getaway to Catalina Island. However, the contest was rigged by the SRF, who informed Cunningham of their selected winners. Cunningham reluctantly and quietly went along, but was oblivious to the fact the promotion was part of a massive conspiracy, used to set fire to houses for the SRF when the families were away.

Events of L.A. Noire

However, the house belonging to the Sawyer family was burned by an arsonist while they were still inside the house, killing them. Cunningham was visited by Detectives Cole Phelps and Herschel Biggs, who informed him of the fire incidents at the Steffens and Sawyer homes, both families being winners of the contest. During questioning, Cunningham gave background information on the promotional travel contest, explaining that it was ran by the SRF and revealing that it was rigged. Shocked by the news of the Sawyer family's death, Cunningham asked if he could help in any way. Phelps and Biggs obliged Cunningham to contribute $50, calling him a Samaritan and a good man.



  • "I can see why cops never take holidays. They stand around all day with their minds on vacation."
  • "If I needed a mannequin for the store window I'd buy one. How about running along now?"


  • "Come back, Detective. There's more. I want to help if I can."

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  • Like many other characters in L.A. Noire, John Cunningham's actor (Rich Sommer) is a regular on the television series Mad Men.