John Higgins is a character featured in L.A. Noire.



Higgins was a member of the Sixth Marines, having fought in the Okinawa campaign alongside Lieutenant Cole Phelps and Sergeant Jack Kelso as a rifleman.

On their way home from the war, Higgins and his fellow Marines were shipped on board the SS Coolridge. They reflected on their unsatisfactory jobs to return home to, prompting Courtney Sheldon convincing everyone to stealing the cargo of army surplus morphine with the intent to sell on the streets. With the exception of Kelso, they committed the theft, stealing half a million syrettes.

Upon returning to Los Angeles, Sheldon established a business arrangement with the Cohen Crime Syndicate, in order to sell the morphine to abortion clinics and hospitals.

Events of L.A. Noire

However, there was a feud between Mickey Cohen and Sheldon. Cohen started into selling the morphine to the addicted, gaining a considerable advantage on the cities drug trade, since the morphine required no preparation. Sheldon, realizing this, pulled out of the deal with Cohen. Cohen retaliated by ordering the assassinations of the Marines involved in the morphine heist. Higgins, along with Patrick Connolly, were ambushed outside of the Grauman's Theatre by Cohen's men in Manifest Destiny. Higgins miraculously survived unharmed, but Connolly was wounded in the crossfire.

Higgins later agreed to attack the mansion of Leland Monroe at Jack Kelso's request. Kelso, Felix Alvarro, Higgins, and Patrick Connolly met along the perimeter and formed their attack plan. Afterwards, they stormed the courtyard, killing several of Monroe's guards before reaching the house. Once there, Kelso ordered Higgins and the others to maintain the perimeter and guard the house. Kelso entered the mansion to personally deal with Monroe.

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