"And don't you worry your handsome head about this. My husband will settle the score with Mark Bishop."
―June Ballard

June McAfee, maiden and stage name June Ballard, is a character in L.A. Noire.



June is a famous B-movie star whose career involves its proximity to the mafia due being married to Guy McAfee, a powerful mobster based in Las Vegas. June was originally promised a role in Mark Bishop's new movie but was later turned down in favor for Joan Lelise to secure better finance. An enraged June pushed all sorts of threats against Bishop and his wife.

"That cold-hearted bitch!"
Stefan Bekowsky colloquially surmises June Ballard

June enlisted Marlon Hopgood's aid in order to get a chance to blackmail Bishop. June brought her niece Jessica Hamilton to Hollywood with the promise of stardom, but in actually planned to allow her to be drugged and raped by Bishop during a casting. With Hopgood filming the assault and with Bishop's face in view, June took possession of the film to blackmail Bishop.

Events of L.A. Noire

Bishop sought to escape his predicament by attempting to murder both June and Jessica by drugging them and faking a car accident. Due to muscle relaxation as a side-effect of the narcotics, both Jessica and June survived, and were later questioned by Detective Phelps. With the film in her possession, June later called her husband to order a hit on Bishop. The hit on Bishop failed due to the intervention of Phelps, Bekowsky, and the LAPD. All of them died except 2 of them, the other 2 went to Bishop's apartment and attacked his wife. But the 2 detectives successfully got there in time and the 2 attackers, were arrested and sent to prison for, assault, attempted murder, and breaking and entering. Bishop was sent to prison for rape and 2 counts of attempted murder, ending his movie producing career, while June presumably returned to her husband in Las Vegas, walking away free from the scandal.

Case Appearances



  • She may be loosely based on Guy McAfee's real-life wife, former actress June Brewster.


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