The Just Picked Billboard

Just Picked Fruit Market is a fruit market located across the street from the El Dorado Bar. The market is located at 412 Ord Street.

This location is introduced in the mission The Silk Stocking Murder. In the case, Phelps and Galloway must pursue the murder suspect Clem Feeney as he tries to make a run for it. You are informed of its location by the bartender, Diego Aguilar, in El Dorado Bar. It's the location where the victim, Antonia Maldonado was sent to use a phone just before she was murdered. This isn't the only Just Picked Market in the city. The other one is located at the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Catalina in Wilshire.


  •  When you first search the market, the doors to the room containing the final clues has pull handles. When the door is seen again in the closing cutscene, it has twist handles.