Keystone Film Studios is a location in L.A. Noire. Keystone Films is featured in the Arson case, House of Sticks. The address is 658 Wilton Place between Melrose Avenue and Clinton Street, on the west side of the street in northwestern Wilshire.

Previously the former headquarters and production lot of Keystone Studios, with one prominent employee being Evelyn Summers who worked in legal copyrights for music. However, the studios closed down in 1941, having been unable to find success after the introduction of sound in movies some 13 years earlier. The studios remained abandoned for years, however the Elysian Fields Development would purchase and use the studio's supply of lumber for the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. However the lumber was unsafe for construction use but was nonetheless used cut costs.

In real life, the Keystone Studios were a major producer of silent films, best known for the slapstick comedies directed by Mack Sennett and featuring the Keystone Cops. Charlie Chaplin also made his first movies for Keystone. Although the game establishes that Keystone tried, but failed, to make a go of it in the silent era (though in-game it still managed to survive for some 13 years after the introduction of sound), in reality Keystone foundered after the departure of Sennett in 1917, eventually closing in 1935, not 1941 as in the game.

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