Kid Galahad is a minor character in L.A. Noire. He makes an appearance in The Set Up case.



An up and coming professional boxer, Galahad was set to fight in a bout with well known boxer Albert Hammond. However, the fight was fixed, with Hammond supposed to be taking a dive, causing Galahad to to win on long odds. Rumors of the outcome would spread causing a prize win racket, profiting off Galahad's victory. Galahad was bet on by several people for large sums of money, including Hammond's manager, Carlo Arquero, Vice detective Roy Earle, and Los Angeles gangster Mickey Cohen.

Events of L.A. Noire

However, on fight night, Albert Hammond decided he was too prideful to take the dive, and defeated Galahad. In attendance, in order to see the fixed fight, included Earle, Cohen, and detective Cole Phelps. After Galahad was defeated, Hammond fled the stadium, drawing the ire of Arquero, Earle, and Cohen. Hammond later left LA with the gambling racket money from betting on himself.

Case Appearances