The Los Angeles County Art Museum is a location and landmark in L.A. Noire. It is located on the corner of Hoover and 8th. in Los Angeles.

In-Game Description

This site hosted racing and gambling until 1909, when concerned citizens had it recreated as a 'cultural center'. The museum kept fine art, while the rose garden hid wonders such as a sphere-within-a-sphere celestial model, or 'armillary sphere'.

Events of L.A. Noire

Rusty Galloway and Cole Phelps are directed here after reading a poem written by a mass murder suspect, and must find the next note by navigating through the hedge maze and looking around the sphere during the Homicide case The Quarter Moon Murders.


  • A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here. Enter the right driveway and (north) parking lot, the badge is down a path left of the parking lot.


  • This landmark can be entered by the player. It has an unusually detailed interior, featuring digitized reproductions of actual paintings.
    • Note: The museum closes at night, but can still be entered by a backdoor, which is at the top of a small flight of metal stairs, directly behind the entrance to the hedge maze.
  • In the Remastered Editions of the game you are not able to use the Photo Mode around the hedge maze


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