County art museum

LA County Art Museum


Location on the Map

The Los Angeles County Art Museum is a location and landmark in L.A. Noire.
It is located on the corner of Hoover and 8th. in Los Angeles.

In Game Description

This site hosted racing and gambling until 1909, when concerned citizens had it recreated as a 'cultural center'. The museum kept fine art, while the rose garden hid wonders such as a sphere-within-a-sphere celestial model, or 'armillary sphere'.


A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here. Enter the right driveway and (north) parking lot, the badge is down a path left of the parking lot.


  • In the game, Rusty Galloway and Cole Phelps are directed here after reading a poem written by a mass murder suspect, and must find the next note by navigating through the hedge maze and looking around the sphere.
  • This landmark can be entered by the player. It has an unusually detailed interior, featuring digitized reproductions of actual paintings.
    • Note: The museum closes at night, but can still be entered by a backdoor, which is at the top of a small flight of metal stairs, directly behind the entrance to the hedge maze.
  • In the Remastered Editions of the game you are not able to use the Photo Mode around the hedge maze


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