While any user on L.A. Noire Wiki can edit articles, upload images and more, certain users on the Wiki have access to additional functions to keep this wiki running smoothly. These users are called "administrators".

Becoming an Administrator

If you wish to apply to become an administrator then leave a message on Requests for Adminship.


The administration of this wiki is set out like the Detective Bureau of the Los Angeles Police Department. Administrators on the L.A. Noire Wiki are split into three types, as explained in more detail below.


The lead-Administrators, responsible for promotions to Administrator. Can make final decisions in a dispute. They can demote Administrators just as easily as promoting them and their job is to be fair and impartial and to generally keep the wiki running smoothly. Their usernames are highlighted in green.

Current Bureaucrats/Captains of this wiki are as follows:

Captain James Donnelly This user is a L.A. Noire Wiki Captain.


They have additional tools such as deleting pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IPs, editing the wiki's interface & skin. Their usernames are highlighted in blue.

Current Administrators/Detectives of this wiki are as follows:

Userbox-admin This user is a L.A. Noire Wiki Detective.

Rollback/Patrol Officers

They patrol the wiki checking that the information added to articles is valid, they also revert any vandalism they come across. Their usernames are highlighted in orange.

Current Rollback/Patrol Officers of this wiki are as follows:

  • None

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