Lars Taraldsen is a minor character featured in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in "The White Shoe Slaying" case.



Lars was married to Theresa and had two young daughters, though they suffered martial problems. As a result, both were emotionally distant and neglectful of each other, while Theresa often drank and partied to deal with her depression.

While at a friend's party Theresa asked to go dancing at The Crystal Ballroom, though Lars dismissed the idea to stay at the party and continued playing cards, as he was playing well. Theresa later caught Lars flirting with another woman, hence stormed off to go to Baron's Bar. After walking the woman back to her house, Lars walked home, paid the babysitter and collected his car the next morning. However, Theresa had not returned home.

Events of L.A. Noire

While at home with his two daughters, Detectives Phelps and Galloway arrived to inform him of Theresa's murder. Phelps questioned Lars and at one point even suspected that Lars could have been potentially been the murderer. However, Lars gave his account of events, his alibi and even showed genuine distress and grief from Theresa's death. Lars was left to mourn, and later visited Central Morgue to identify Theresa's body.

Case Appearances



  • His surname is of Norwegian origin, and Lars is a common name in Norway.
  • Boating appears to be a hobby of his.
  • The name of his boat is Eva.