Leland Monroe's Mansion is a location in L.A. Noire. It is a large palatial house and grounds owned by real estate magante Leland Monroe. During A Polite Invitation, Jack Kelso and some of his old Marine unit invade the mansion in order to get to Monroe. The mansion is located on 5164 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood.


The overall design of the mansion resembles that of a classic French chateau. The entire property is surrounded by a tall fence, with only a front gate as a means of entry.

In the case A Polite Invitation, the house is raided via the elegant gardens at the rear of the estate. Upon entering the house, Jack Kelso is inside just one of the home's bonus rooms, which includes a pool table, fireplace, and double-doors that lead back outside. He passes through a formal sitting room that includes a poker table before entering the office of Monroe's secretary. From there, he passes through a room with two lounge chairs before entering the grand foyer of the mansion. A set of stairs branches out to two hallways on the 2nd floor, each leading to a wide walkway that overviews the entire room. The player must turn right and travel through a luxurious bathroom before entering the private home office of Monroe himself.


  • To access the mansion, get a vehicle (preferably one with a low hood height). Position it against the wall and have it parked on the grassy hill. Get in front of the vehicle, and you should (if positioned correctly) run onto the hood. Run into the wall; you'll be propelled upwards, and with enough momentum, can get over the wall. The mansion's doors aren't functional, though. At this point, there is no way to get out of the grounds. To leave, either restart or quit and reload to get out.


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