"Lester could be a heel, but that's a lousy way for anyone to go out."
―Leroy Sabo

Leroy Sabo is a character in L.A. Noire and the main antagonist of the traffic case "A Marriage Made in Heaven".



Leroy was the owner of Ray's Cafe, a bar that also hosted poker games. However, the business was in great decline. Leroy became a close friend to Lorna Pattison and her husband, a couple who were regulars at the bar and often got into fights. Leroy offered Lorna a sympathetic and comforting shoulder. The two later discussed a joint business venture to open a new bar. In order to secure start-up money and to get rid of her husband, Lorna devised a plan and proposed it to Leroy - her intent being that of murdering Lester to cash in his life insurance. One night, after leaving the bar, Lester was stabbed by Leroy with a steak knife and forced in front of an oncoming car.

Events of L.A. Noire

Leroy took Lorna home, where the two were later visited by Detectives Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky, who were investigating the hit and run. However, Phelps and Bekowsky became instantly suspicious of Lorna and her relationship with Leroy. Lester's autopsy later confirmed the true cause of death. With the steak knife as evidence, Phelps and Bekowsky confronted Leroy, and possibly Lorna (See Trivia). Leroy armed himself in an attempt to either escape or neutralize his perpetrators. He was ultimately caught and imprisoned for fraud, resisting arrest, conspiracy, and 2 counts of first degree murder (If the player found the knife during the investigation), or shot and killed for resisting arrest.

Case Appearances


Murders Committed


  • Depending on the player's actions at Ray's Cafe, Leroy has two possible fates. If the steak knife is found after the initial investigation, then Leroy is confronted at the bar and he will be armed with a shotgun. However, if the knife is found during the first investigation, Leroy will be confronted at the Pattison residence, where he shoots Lorna for selling him out to the cops. Regardless, the player will be able to either kill Leroy or arrest him by firing a warning shot.