Leroy Tate is a character featured in L.A. Noire. He is a patrol officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.



Leroy is a police officer in the LAPD. He shares the same last name as another Patrolman, Levon Tate. He also shares a similar appearance due to sharing the same actor. They are presumably twin brothers.

Events of L.A. Noire

It is revealed during the case "Upon Reflection", that he was on the payroll of Errol Schroeder. This information was found in Schroeder's notebook.

He is encountered during the case "Buyer Beware", in which he arrives at the murder scene along with Officer Ralph Dunn and quickly sets up a perimeter.

He also appears in the Homicide street crime Honey Boy where he witnesses an angry husband trying to kill his wife. He is the only patrol officer to not get shot because he escorts de Facto's wife to safety while the police storm the house.

He also appears briefly in the Arson case "Nicholson Electroplating". When a small explosion is caused after Cole does an experiment for Ray Pinker, Leroy is one of the officers who rushes to the basement.

Case Appearances


Street Crimes (Homicide)