Lockheed Employee is an unnamed and minor character in L.A. Noire. He is a person of interest in the DLC Arson case Nicholson Electroplating.



The Lockheed employee was previously an aviator, and eventually moved to work for Lockheed, an aircraft manufacturer. Lockheed learned of Harold McLellan's newly developed patent to chemically polish aluminum, a process of great application and value to Lockheed for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. With Tomoko Okamoto spying on Nicholson Electroplating, they also learned of McLellan's intent to sell the process to Hughes Aircraft. The employee was sent to negotiate with McLellan, while Okamoto was tasked to obtain intel and to obtain the process through subterfuge.

Events of L.A. Noire

Vernon Mapes learned of Lockheed's bid for the process, and murdered the employee and left his body in Okamoto's apartment. Mapes' intent was to eliminate competitors for the process in order to secure for Hughes. The employee's body was later discovered by Detectives Cole Phelps and Herschel Biggs, stuffed in the refrigerator of Okamoto's apartment.

Case Appearances