The Maître D' is a character seen in Manifest Destiny. He works at the Mocambo. When elps and Roy Earle pay a visit here to see Meyer Harris Cohen, Earle states the purpose of your presence at the restaurant, to which the Maître D' grows a little concerned: "There's not going to be any trouble, is there?" Earle disregards this, asking: "Which table?" to which he responds: "Number three. If you'll follow me?" If you stall, he will prompt you and Earle: "Sirs? Mr Cohen's table is this way." When he approaches the table, he will say: "Gentlemen. Messrs Cohen and Stompanato."

If you speak to the Maître D' again, he will tell you: "I can help you with a table, sir, but that is all." or "Your business is with Mr Cohen. I have a restaurant to manage."