"I'm afraid it's impossible. Mr Monroe's schedule is booked weeks in advance."
―Magarite Cansino

Magarite Cansino is a character in L.A. Noire. She is Leland Monroe's personal secretary.

Events of L.A. Noire

A Walk in Elysian Fields

When Cole Phelps and Herschel Biggs enter the head offices of Elysian Fields Development, Cansino is working at a desk outside Monroe's office. As you and Biggs approach, she asks, "May I help you gentlemen?" Phelps replies, "We'd like to speak to Mr Monroe." Cansino will refuse, "I'm afraid it's impossible. Mr Monroe's schedule is booked weeks in advance." prompting Biggs to ask: "Cut to the chase, sister. Is he in?" She replies, "I'm not at liberty to reveal that, Officer." Biggs rudely replies, "So he hired you for your intelligence?" Cansino is offended by this question, "I find that offensive." Biggs replies: "You have every right to." At this point, Phelps makes a useful contribution to this discussion: "This is getting us nowhere, Miss...?" She answers: "Cansino." Phelps asks, "Would you like us to return with a warrant?" At that moment, Monroe walks out of his office to let them in, "That won't be necessary, gentlemen. Come into my office."

A Polite Invitation

When Jack Kelso storms Monroe's mansion, she is seen in one of the rooms. He holds her at gunpoint, to which Cansino raises her arms in surrender. Kelso then lowers his gun, which in turn results in the former arming herself with a .38 revolver and aiming it at Kelso. Following a few seconds of silence, Kelso comments, "You're a very sweet-looking girl to be holding such a big gun." encouraging her to coldly respond: "I know how to use it, mister." Kelso attempts to persuade her to not aim at him, "I'm sure you do. So how about pointing it over there in the direction of Hollywood instead of at me, Princess?" eliciting the response: "You're quite the wise guy." Kelso nervously says, "I don't normally shoot women, Princess. How about putting the cannon down?" Cansino looks uncertain for several seconds, then suddenly her gun fires, delivering a bullet through Kelso's arm. She appears horrified and walks up to him, but Kelso promptly knocks her out in retaliation.


  • "Are you deaf? Go. Away."

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