Main Street Terminal


Location on the Map

Main Street Terminal is a landmark in L.A. Noire. It is a bus depot located at the corner of S. Los Angeles St. and W. 6th St. in Downtown, Los Angeles. You have to actually drive down Main St between 6th and 7th to trigger the landmark.

In Game Description

Also known as the Pacific Electric Building, the Huntington Building or simply 6th and Main, this rail and bus terminal was completed in 1905. For more than four decades, the nine story structure was regarded as the largest west of the Mississippi.


A badge in the Badge Pursuit Challenge can be found here. First, find the Main St. Terminal landmark. Then, follow the tram tunnel which runs through the building. In the light rail depot here there are two stationary cars that never move. The badge is in front of the smaller red tram car that has no passengers in it.

Continue heading southeast, away from the Main St. Terminal landmark. The Gold Film Reel; 'The Asphalt Jungle' can be found here, on concrete at the southeast end of the platform.

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