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"Don't do anything I wouldn't do... partner."
―Roy Earle
Manifest Destiny is a Vice case in L.A. Noire. This is the last case Cole Phelps takes on the Vice Desk, before he is demoted to the Arson Desk.


  • Investigate the 111 Club
  • Investigate The Blue Room
  • Meet with Robbery Detectives
  • Interview Mickey Cohen
  • Tail Elsa Lichtmann
  • Attend Bus Stop Shooting
  • Search Sniper's Body
  • Locate Jack Kelso
  • Attend Robert's Diner Shooting
  • Investigate Grauman's Chinese Theatre
  • Investigate Hollywood Post Office
  • Investigate 1040 North Las Palmas
  • Interview Courtney Sheldon


After a shootout in a Hollywood club, Phelps must finish tracking down the remaining shipments of the Morphine.

111 Club Crime Scene

The case starts out with a triple homicide at the 111 Club on Hollywood Blvd. Although the Homicide division is of course on the scene, Vice is called in due to the presence of yet more Army Surplus Morphine.

  • Examine Bowe, the dead man leaning up against the circular bar. This will make Bowe a P.O.I.
  • Head into the adjacent room with the stage and you'll find Bittleston. Examine his right coat pocket and you'll find more morphine.
  • Now check out the Trumpet case near Bittleston's body. You'll notice three mouthpieces. Pick each one up in succession. When you place each one back inside the case, you'll hear a click, which Cole will mention. Once each piece has been picked up and placed back down, a secret compartment will open. Inside you'll find a Blue Room pass and morphine.
  • Now head to the back room and examine the big crate of cigarettes, being sure to zoom in to get Valor Cigarettes clue. Make sure you don't just look at the crate, and also pick up one of the actual cartons of cigarettes inside the open box. Otherwise, when you leave you will aimlessly wander around, wondering what to do next.
  • Move to the right and examine the three BAR rifles on the rack, which turn out to be yet more bounty from the army surplus heist, and examine the one you can pick up closely (until you see the label on top and Phelps mutters about checking the serial numbers).

Now you can interview the hostess.

Interview The Hostess

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
111 Club Shooting Incident Doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick Truth

Blue Room Club

Continue on to the Blue Room Club and you will be forced into a cutscene which leads to Elsa Lichtmann being questioned.

Interview Elsa Lichtmann

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Army Surplus Morphine Doubt
Morphine Overdose Victims Doubt

After this, you will tail Elsa back to her home in car. If you are not spotted you will unlock the achievement "The Shadow". This is followed by cutscenes, leading up to you pulling up to the restaurant, where you'll talk to Mickey Cohen.

The Mocambo Club

Upon entry, Earle will inform the Maître D' that he and you are here to see Cohen. You will be shown to his table—it's number three.

Interview Mickey Cohen

"Mickey has been questioned a thousand times. See if you can do any better."
―Roy Earle
Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Finkelstein drug operation Doubt
111 Club shooting incident Doubt

Hollywood Police Station

Now follow your partner Earle to the Burglary department, sit down and take a look in the book Harold Caldwell gives you. There'll be four circles on the right hand page; tap all of them: M1928A1.45, M1918.30, Valor cigarette carton, Morphine Tartrate. Directly after, an officer will tell you that there is a sniper that needs to be taken out.

Bus Shooting

The next part of the assignment is when you are called to a bus shooting where you need to take out one of Cohen's henchmen. There is a ladder on the back of the building that he is atop. When the henchman is neutralised, search his body.

  • In the right hand coat pocket for Sniper's pocketbook (left pocket from Phelps' perspective).
  • Examine the B.A.R.

A cutscene will show, and you'll be back on street level. You will start talking to another Marine from your old Unit named Felix Alvarro, who happens to be the bus driver.

Interview Felix Alvarro

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Informed of Coolridge Heist Doubt
Motive for Shooting Lie Sniper's Pocketbook POI Courtney Sheldon Clue 6th Marines
  • Note - After answering the second question correctly you will earn the The Fighting Sixth Trophy/Achievement.

Following this event, go to the gamewell on the street opposite the bus, next to the ambulance, to find out Jack Kelso's address. Once you get it, drive over there.

Kelso's Apartment

Use the phonebox near the shooting to get the location of Jack Kelso, drive to the apartment building and you'll find him walking up to his door. There'll be a short cutscene and you will have to go back to the Hollywood police Station to interview him.

Hollywood Police Station

After the cutscene, you will interview Kelso.

Interview Jack Kelso

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Army Surplus Morphine Doubt
Ex-Marine McGoldrick Truth
Arms Stolen from Coolridge Truth
SS Coolridge Robbery Doubt

Note: This interview is a good chance to get achievement/trophy: The Hunch

Following on from this you will be forced to chase down and shoot multiple suspects at Robert's Diner.

Robert's Diner

You'll chase the goons in cars, but not for long. After a few blocks, they'll pull into a dead end and there will be a shootout.

You can receive shotguns by pressing the "A", "X", or left mouse button (Xbox 360 is A, PS3 is X, PC is left mouse) when next to the trunks of police vehicles, including regular prowl cars.

To easily win the gunfight, flank the storefront to the right, go towards the goons, and kill them.

NOTE: During this shootout you can acquire a rare Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) to use which will help towards the Roscoe and Friends Achievement/Trophy. To get a kill with it, simply kill the Criminal who is using the automatic weapon, retrieve it, then kill the second criminal with the gun. For additional information go here .

Examine the bodies before you leave.

  • In the left pocket of the man lying nearest to the car, there is a copy of the manifest.
  • In the right pocket of the same man is the Shooter's notebook.
  • Between the two men is a newspaper.

The second man does not need to be, nor can be, examined.

Proceed to the Hollywood Post Office where you will take part in a shootout against 4 enemies.

Hollywood Post Office

Once Cole has defeated the shooters, you will have to search the dead bodies.

  • Another former Marine named Walter Beckett, who will give you Beckett's Confession.
  • Search Beckett's left hand for a business card.
  • On the opposite side of the post office is another male lying dead on the floor in an enclosed postal box area. Search his left coat pocket for a note.

Now head over to the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where a chase will await you.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Once you proceed to theater, you will have to chase down the new assailants and kill them. After the cutscene, it's time to go over to the meeting place.

Meeting Place

Upon arrival, Cohen can be seen escaping in his car and a lengthy shootout ensues. Cole will be requested by the police station for an interview with Courtney Sheldon who is accompanied by Dr. Harlan Fontaine.

  • NOTE: During this shootout you can acquire a rare Chicago Piano (Thompson M1 with drum mag) to use which will help towards the Roscoe and Friends achievement/trophy. Moot point if you have the DLC putting the gun in the trunk of your car.

Hollywood Police Station

Once you reach Hollywood Police Station, you will need to enter interview room 2 to begin the cutscene which leads to the interrogation.

Interview Courtney Sheldon

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
6th Marines Being Targeted Lie Note, Shooter's Notebook
SS Coolridge Robbery Lie Beckett's Confession

Case Notes

  • "Despite mob wars and an unsolved robbery, one story will dominate the market."
  • "Getting a Marine like Felix to rat on his buddies would have required subtle questioning and solid evidence."
  • "The two ex-marines shot dead at Grauman's Chinese were left unattended by anyone but the press."

Video Walkthrough

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 16 - Manifest Destiny (5 Star)52:39

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 16 - Manifest Destiny (5 Star)


  • The game makes a reference to Charlie Stoker and Brenda Allen.[1][2]
  • The ending cutscene marks the only time Phelps' wife, Marie Phelps has any dialogue.
  • Near the end of the case, Captain Donnelly will ask Roy to his office, however, his office is in Central Police Station rather than Hollywood Police Station.
  • This is one of the few occasions that you can see Nickel Plated Pistol (Nickel Plated Colt M1911) in cutscenes. (You still need to wear DLC outfits, however)
  • If wearing the Hawkshaw outfit, Phelps still is depicted with a .45 in his holster even after he surrenders his gun.
  • Roy Earle introduces Phelps to Mickey Cohen even though they were already acquainted shortly after the Hammond case started.
  • The phrase "Manifest Destiny" is used by Mickey Cohen in the movie Gangster Squad. Manifest Destiny is also the name of an Achievement/Trophy in another Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption. It is achieved when the player hunts the buffalo to extinction.
  • Connie Fletcher, who plays Marie Phelps, Cole's wife, is married to Aaron Staton, who plays Cole.


  • There is a potential case breaking bug that can appear if you go to the Hollywood Police Station to examine the manifest before talking to Mickey Cohen. After examining the manifest the second time the sniper event does not trigger, resulting in no further progress being possible and necessitating a restart of the case.
  • In the second room (With the trumpet case) of the first crime scene near the wall with about a dozen bullet holes, it is possible to wedge yourself inbetween a few chairs. Your only method of escape* is to quit or restart (PS3 tested). *(note, it's possible to run out of the glitched area but this method doesn't always work) (PS3 tested)
  • There is the potential for a complete invisibility after the first cut-scene (PS3 only tested).
  • While tailing Elsa it is possible to get caught in an irresolvable traffic jam. You cannot get her taxi to progress without detection, and the only solution is to allow the suspect to detect you enough times for the game to prompt "Skip Action Sequence?", allowing you to progress (PS3 only tested; one X360 player reported this too).
  • After picking up Kelso from his apartment, that entire cutscene has the potential for some odd errors, leaving weird still frames of the last cut on the walls. This can be fixed by pausing the game, and then resuming (PS3 tested).
  • There is a bug in the Hollywood Post Office building which may cause a strange echo if Roy Earle moves away from the player and a script is launched causing him to say something (Xbox 360 only tested).
  • There is a bug in front of the Hollywood Post Office in which a patrolman is standing on the roof of the police car.
  • If you are traveling from the Hollywood Post Office to the Chinese Theater, do not take back streets. One of the alleyways on the route is the 'Meeting Place', and entering the alley will automatically trigger the cutscene for the alley shootout, skipping over the Grauman's car chase entirely. It is impossible to go back following the alley shootout and replay the Grauman's section (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC).
  • When you leave the post office heading for Grauman's Chinese Theater, you have to drive it. If your partner drives you will completely skip over Grauman's car chase, and when you show up at the Theater you will not be able to progress.  (PS3).
  • After you kill the Sniper that was shooting at the bus, if you walk around the baseball field crossing the street   it's possible that Roy suddenly appears on the top of the resting house and can't get out of it. You can solve this problem by entering the car and driving to the next location. (PS3)
  • There is a bug in Grauman's Chinese Theater which may cause the sound of Thompson M1 to loop even after a car chase has started and the detectives have left the scene of the shooting. This bug can occur during any cutscene immediately following a shootout (confirmed on all platforms). Can be cured by failing the chase and starting it again (PC, Xbox 360).
  • There is a bug in the Meeting Place that if you shoot the Car around the corner that's trying to get away, it will crash into the wall and it will prevent you from advancing, if attempting to squeeze between the dumpster and the car, you will be trapped between The Car, The Dumpster, and most likely also Roy (just quit and resume).
  • Another bug at the meeting place causes the enemy in the car in the alleyway and another enemy standing outside the car on the passenger side to freeze until shot at (PS3 tested).
  • There is another bug where, after you tail Elsa in her cab, Cole's hat Sometimes appears to be upside down and inside his head during the cutscenes. The case of the upside-down clipping hat may correct itself when the scene changes to Phelps approaching the door, although this may not always happen. (PC Tested; Players have also taken screenshots of the bug)--Wingman626 (talk) 19:43, October 9, 2015 (UTC) 

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