"Woah, sir! I think you ought to calm down!"
―Martin Mathiason to Morgan Boehringer during "Vengeful Ex"

Officer Martin Mathiason is a character featured in L.A. Noire.



Martin Mathiason was a Patrol Officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, or LAPD.

Events of L.A. Noire

Officer Mathiason is encountered during the Street Crime "Vengeful Ex", where Officer Mathiason attempts to calm Morgan Boehringer, an elderly man who is armed with a revolver and physically abusing his ex-girlfriend, Joanna Alford. When Officer Mathiason reaches for his own pistol, Boehringer shoots and kills the Officer instantly. Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway killed or possibly wounded Boehringer in a shootout moments later.


  • Morgan Boehringer's ex-girlfriend, Joanna Alford, was also injured when Boehringer ran across a nearby street - after killing Officer Mathiason - Boehringer kills the driver of a large truck causing it to strike Miss Alford.