The Mexican gangs is a group of several small gangs based in Los Angeles.


Nothing is known about the gangs' origins, except that most of the members are Mexican-American.

There are two known Mexican gangs: the "3rd Street Gang" and the "Diamond Street Gang". The two gangs seems to be hostile to each other, due to several gangs wars that happened between the two.

As seen in one street crime, one of the Mexican gangs owns "The Valor Tobacco Co." business, as their main drugs/tobacco trafficking outlet.

Events of L.A. Noire

The two gangs are first seen during a huge gang war between them, however the gangs teams up against Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky, who arrived on scene shortly after James Mitchell informed them about the situation. The detectives soon killed all the members.

Some Mexican mobsters later seen loading merchandise in a truck along with several security guards near "The Valor Tobacco Co.". The mobsters and the security guards were killed during a small shootout with Phelps and his partner, Roy Earle.

During both incidents, the Mexican gangsters are well armed with Colt M1911 pistols, M1 Garand rifles and Thompson M1 sub-machine guns.


  • One of the Mexican gangs is called the 3rd Street Gang, this could be a reference to the 3rd Street Saints, the main gang in Saint's Row.

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