Mike Morelli is a character in L.A. Noire.



At some point, he married and had two children. Mike built a house for himself and his family in Wilshire. He was a neighbor of Dudley Forman.

Events of L.A. Noire

Mike refused to sell his house for Leland Monroe and the Elysian Fields Development. To force the holdouts to sell their polts of land, the Suburban Redevelopment Fund sent Mike and his family away on a vacation to the Catalina Islands. However, the contest, through Gulliver's Travel Agency, was fixed. While the Morelli family was away, the SRF intended to set fire to their house and burn it down, forcing the Morelli's to sell.

Monroe, along with Harlan Fontaine, sent Ira Hogeboom, while lying to him that it was a part of his post traumatic stress disorder treatment, to burn down the house. However, the Morelli's were still in the house. Mike and his family perished in the house fire. Ira, feeling remorseful killing the Morelli's, moved the families bodies to the living room, wanting them to be together.

Later, Cole Phelps, Herschel Biggs, Malcolm Carruthers and Albert Lynch all came to the Morelli house, and examined the bodies. After a short dialogue about the deaths, which was obvious murder, Mike's burned body crumbled in front to the four investigators, causing Biggs to excuse himself, in order to vomit outside the house.

Case Appearances



  • Mike is of Italian descent. This is revealed by Forman if Phelps accuses him of lying during the "Morelli fire witness report" question.