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'Nash Deluxe 600 Army' is a vehicle available in L.A. Noire.


The Nash Deluxe 600 Army can be found in the Army Base, located in the southeast part of the Los Angeles map. The base is south of 7th street; The base contains a rectangular track with roads bisecting east-west and north-south as landmarks. The car is just to the east of the proving track, in the curved section of the south-facing D road.

There is another location at the Hughes Aircraft site at the west end of Melrose (west of Van Ness Ave.)


  • The vehicle does not contain a police radio.
  • War-production "1942" model automobiles for the Government did not have chrome trim in real life.


La Noire Military Vehicle Location00:48

La Noire Military Vehicle Location

Location of the Nash Deluxe 600 Army


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