"Hoo-Weee! Bennies give me speed!"
―Nat Spencer

Nat Spencer is a Character featured in L.A. Noire.



Nat Spencer was a musician addicted to Benzedrine (commonly referred to on the street as "Bennies"). He broke into Goldberg's Drug Store looking for quick drug fix. He displayed twitching and erratic behavior common in drug addicts. Due to the stripes on his green shirt, he may have served in the military, like many other male characters encountered throughout the story.

Events of L.A.Noire

He was first encountered during the side-mission "Boxing Clever", in which he was found robbing the pharmacy in search of drugs like Benzedrine. Detective Cole Phelps arrived on the scene and a chase ensued. Spencer fled to a construction site and climbed to the upper platforms, but was ultimately cornered by Phelps. Spencer attempted to fight his way out, but Phelps subdued him and he was arrested.

Alternately, he was killed when he fell or was thrown off the construction site ledge. Even if he was killed, he was later shown as one of the musicians in The Blue Room when Cole interrogated Elsa in the Vice case "Manifest Destiny". He apparently played the saxophone. He did not appear to recognize Phelps, and it is unknown if he was still an addict by this time as he did not display the obvious twitching and erratic behavior he had in his earlier appearance.