Nicholson Electroplating Plant is a location in L.A. Noire. It was a large industrial manufacturing plant at 4672 Oakwood Ave in Wilshire.

The plant is the site of a massive explosion that decimates the plant, killing many workers and civilians, due to an act of industrial espionage in the Downloadable content Arson case, Nicholson Electroplating. In the case, the ruins of the plant becomes the crime scene.

Events of L.A. Noire

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Detectives Cole Phelps and Herschel Biggs at Nicholson Electroplating Plant.

Cole Phelps and his partner Herschel Biggs are getting gas for their car at a nearby gas station when a massive explosion and mushroom cloud light up the sky over the Wilshire area. Biggs assumes a Soviet attack on the country. Phelps, doubtful, gets in the car with Biggs and the two head off to investigate and see if they can help in any way. Meanwhile, other units, fire trucks, and ambulances begin to arrive on scene and the two drive through a hazy fog of smoke as they near the factory. Once on scene, the two must fight off looters with other officers. Once that is completed, Phelps and Biggs go to investigate the scene. Airplane Part: to the right in the back of the crime scene, a detective will call you over. match up the letters (this will unlock the 'The Nose Knows' achievement).

Laundry Tag: there will be a ripped shirt in between the Part and the locker.

Spy Camera: on the far back left of the crime scene there will be a locker laying on the ground. in it will be 3 clues; Spy Camera Espionage, and Undeciphered message. To decipher the message, H = K. the Clue reads 133 N. Vermont Ave. You do have to move the wheel to each letter for the clue to unlock. also of note there is a golden ball in there that you can look at and a business card for Tomoko Okamoto.


Fred Nicholson Interrogation

  1. Nicholson Plant Explosion - Doubt
  2. Whereabouts of Okamoto - Lie (Espionage/Spy camera)
  3. Whereabouts of McLellan - Doubt


(In order of events)