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Not So Hasty is an achievement/trophy in L.A. Noire. It is earned by stopping a fleeing suspect with a warning shot.

This can be done easily during the Daylight Robbery street crime case, wherein you respond to a robbery in progress. Chase the shooter over the first waist-high wall, and continue sprinting after him until he hops the gate that leads behind the store he just held up. He will run a straight path directly to the other side of the yard, at this point you can stand directly behind him and aim easily for the achievement, with little aiming adjustment needed.

The trophy is given for aiming at a fleeing suspect until the circle is filled in the middle of the screen, at which point Phelps will shoot in the air and automatically apprehend the suspect.


  • When firing a warning round, Phelps may shout, "Stop or I will shoot!" The statement is incorrect, as Phelps shoots once when firing the warning round.

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