"Welcome to the 111 Club, Detective. Feels like I've had half the LAPD in here today already."

Olivia Volkert is a character featured in L.A. Noire. She is a person of interest in "Manifest Destiny".



Olivia worked as a hostess and waitress at The 111 Club, a Hollywood jazz club. The club came under new management when Eddie McGoldrick brought the club, though she remarked that Eddie had no experience or knowledge in running a night club, but was a likeable boss. However, the club soon after received frequent visits from thugs, hence Olivia correctly suspected that Eddie was involved with gangsters and was selling illegal drugs.

Events of L.A. Noire

Luckily, Olivia had a her day off at the same time gangsters attacked the club, killing Eddie, Bittleston, and Bowe in an execution shootout. Olivia returned to the club and questioned by Detectives Stefan Bekowsky and Cole Phelps. Despite wanting nothing to do with the investigation, Olivia gave up knowledge on Eddie and shared her suspicions that he was involved in narcotics. Olivia was also appeared slightly saddened at least by Eddie's death.

Case Appearances



  • Oddly, while Cole Phelps usually jots down complete names of witnesses/interview subjects in the notebook, Olivia is only identified as "The Hostess". Her name is revealed on the Rockstar Social Club's Case Tracker for Manifest Destiny.