"Green overalls, bloodstained, with the initials, 'HM',
found in the trunk of your wife's car.
―Cole Phelps

The Overalls are a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire, they are featured in "The Golden Butterfly" case.

Events of L.A. Noire

Deidre Moller was murdered at the hands of Black Dahlia Killer. After attacking her in the Belmont High School parking lot, the killer placed the bloody overalls used in Deidre's car to frame someone else. The murder was investigated by Detectives Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway, during which they found Deidre's car and inside the trunk were the overalls, as well as a bloody tire iron and triple braid rope used to murder Deidre.

Phelps arrested Hugo Moller and Eli Rooney due to their connection to Deidre and the murder scene, with overalls as evidence to support his suspicions. Since Hugo was a mechanic, the overalls could have belonged to him due to fact that the initials "H.M." on them, however during interrogation Hugo claimed that these overalls didn't belong to him and that his ones were in his home laundry, though Phelps was skeptical of his claims of innocence.

"Sure, green coverall. Dang thing was hot. Felt like I was back in the pen wearing it."
―Eli Rooney

Phelps interrogated Rooney, who admitted he was previously employed at a waterfront factory called Hennessy Marine and was given green overalls with the initials "H.M." as work wear. However it was ambiguous who the overalls really belonged to, so Phelps could use the overalls as evidence to charge either Moller or Rooney for Deidre's murder.

Case Appearance


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