Detectives Earle and Phelps on the scene.

Parnell's Soup Co. Factory is a location in L.A. Noire. It is featured in the Vice DLC case "Reefer Madness," as the scene of a shootout. The factory is located at 6310 Fountain Ave. in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles.


  • The employee ledger states that the work force (besides Howard Parnell and his two secretaries) is consisted of illegal immigrants.
  • While the building has an interior, the factory floor cannot be accessed during The Streets of L.A. There is a chance, however, if the player doesn't have the case and visits the location in free roam, trying the door will make Roy Earle come up and open it. The player then can explore the lobby, but cannot enter the factory floor. Beware, though, because the door to outside can close behind the player, locking them in the building.

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