The citizens of Los Angeles, or pedestrians, are NPCs in L.A. Noire. They are always seen walking the streets in storyline cases or The Streets of L.A. (Free Roam). Pedestrians have a strong effect on the player's final rating of their case report. For example, if a pedestrian is hit by the car the player is driving, the money needed to heal the injuries will be added to the penalties section of the case report. This happens most often during a car chase. They are also found near most crime scenes. Phelps can make them leave by talking to them.


  • Citizens are often carrying something while walking on the streets. These items include briefcases, cigarettes, cigars (both will be stomped out eventually), toolboxes, paper bags(after visiting a fruit stand), hot dogs, snow cones (both bought at food carts and will be eaten), purses, shopping bags (only carried by women), bouqets of flowers, umbrellas (only open in The White Shoe Slaying when it rains), store-bought items, and books (they might sit down on a bench and read).
  • A person will only stop at a hot dog or snow cone stand if they are not holding anything.
  • If the doors of a store or restaurant are open (unless on a street corner), passerby who are not holding anything will probably walk inside and buy something or eat. This will usually happen unless a certain number of people are already inside the building.
  • Sometimes, only certain people are served by a business. For example; Uncle Sam's Army Surplus only has men come inside.
  • Sometimes a person will stop and wait on the curb of the road. After a while a car will come by and that person will get in. Other times, a car will not appear and that person will continue walking.

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