Phelps as a beat cop

Cole Phelps as a Police Officer

Police Officer is the lowest rank in the Los Angeles Police Department.


They're commonly known as beat cops and they're responsible for patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, either on foot or in a police cruiser. Police officers must intervene any crime that they come across during the patrol, and can also be called to help detectives on investigations. If a Police officer proves that he is a good investigator, he might be promoted to rank of detective. Cole Phelps starts at this rank, as do most members of the LAPD.


Most of the Police Officers use Colt Police Positive .38 special as a duty revolver, carried at all times on their hip. Also, officers carry a 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun in the trunk of their car, and use it when additional firepower is needed. One police officer in "Nicholson Electroplating" who shot at the looters outside of the Nicholson Electroplating Plant uses a Colt M1911. Police Officers can also frequently be seen wielding .38 Detective Revolvers in some of the street crimes, this may be an animation error, as a uniformed officer would be unlikely to carry a snub-nosed revolver as a duty pistol.


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