The Pontiac Torpedo Six is a 2-Door class vehicle available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1941 model. 1941 was the first year of Pontiac's renamed "Torpedo" line-up of automobiles. Model trim-line options ranged between the lowest end A-bodied Deluxe Torpedo, mid-leveled B-bodied Streamliner Torpedo, and the high-ended C-body Custom Torpedo.

All models in '41 came with six/eight-cylinder engines. L.A Noire's model of the Pontiac Torpedo Six could be a mid-leveled B-body or low-end A-body. Other body options for 1941 include; 2-door sedan (depicted in-game), 4-door 6-window sedan, Metropolitan sedan, 2-door Club Coupe, 2-door Business coupe, and 4-door station wagon. 

As noted above, engine options for the Pontiac Torpedo Six were just a 239 cu. in (3.9 L) Flathead I6 (Inline 6) or 249 cu. in (4.1 L) Sliver-Streak I8 (Inline 8). The single transmission option was a 3-speed synchromesh manual. 1948 was the last year of Pontiac's Torpedo line-up. 


Some of these will spawn in Wilshire and Westlake. One can also be found in the parking lot next to Eagleson's Gun Store during the Buyer Beware case.