"JJ always listens to 275fm."
―The Radio Station Note

The Radio Station Note is a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire, it is featured in "The Black Caesar" case.


The radio station note belonged to Cornell Tyree and Tyrone Lamont. Jermaine Jones had a special Scott Phantom floor radio that was custom designed by Ramez Removals to have a secret compartment. Jones used this compartment to store stashes of drugs, money and number slips. The band dials had to be turned to a certain frequency to trigger a hidden switch to open the compartment.

Events of L.A. Noire

While investigating the deaths of Tyree and Lamont, Detectives Cole Phelps and Roy Earle discovered that Jones was a supplier in a morphine distribution operation. The visited Jermaine Jones Musical Booking Agency. Using the note found in Tyree and Lamont's apartment, Phelps tuned the radio station to 275 FM, opening the secret compartment and revealing Jones' contraband.

Case Appearance


"The Black Caesar"

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