Rampley is a minor character in L.A. Noire. He is featured in the street crime "Against the Odds."



Rampley acted as a bag man for his boss who operated a gambling racket. He was ordered to go into a bookmakers and put $1000 on a fixed horse race, on a horse that had 20 to 1 odds, thus earning them $20,000. Unfortunately for Rampley and his boss, the fixed race caught the eye of Harold Caldwell and the LAPD's burglary department.

Events of L.A. Noire

Detective Cole Phelps met Caldwell in front of the bookmakers. Caldwell explained the situation to Phelps. Caldwell expressed that, while he did not care about Rampley very much, he wanted to put away Rampley's boss for fixing the horse race. He told Phelps to go into the bookmaker's, blend in, wait for the bookmaker to give the money to Rampley, and then tail him, hoping that Rampley would lead the detectives to his boss.

Phelps went into the bookmakers, and waited for Rampley. He came in and placed the money on the horse race. Phelps successfully tailed Rampley back to his boss. Phelps gave up his position, and alerted them that he was a member of the LAPD. Rampley and his boss opened fire on Phelps. However, Phelps managed to kill Rampley and his boss.

Case Appearances

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