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"Mr. F. Morgan picked up a live pig yesterday?"
―Phelps, confused at finding the hog reciept at the crime scene

The Receipt for live hog is a piece of evidence in L.A. Noire, it is featured in "The Driver's Seat".

Events of L.A. Noire

During Adrian Black's attempt to fake his death, Adrian sought help from friend and co-worker Frank Morgan. Frank purchased a live pig from the Riverside Slaughterhouse (possibly a reference to Mafia II) and brought it to the P.E. Freight Depot. The two sprayed the pig's blood inside Adrian's car and on radiator pipe to trick others into thinking that Adrian had been attacked and murdered.

Unfortunately, Morgan was careless enough to leave the receipt for the pig inside the trunk of the car. As the LAPD investigated Adrian's "disappearance", Detective Cole Phelps found the receipt with Morgan's signature, connecting Morgan to the "crime scene". Phelps and Bekowsky later confronted Morgan, with the receipt as proof of his involvement at the rail yard, Morgan confessed that he helped Adrian in an attempt to fake his death. Furthermore, forensic analysis confirmed that the blood was not human and closely matching that of a swine pig.

Case Appearance


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