"Records & Investigation can assist with your inquiries. Contact R&I by telephone or gamewell whenever you hae a lead to run down."
―In-game hint during 'The Driver's Seat'

Cole Phelps calling R&I.

The Records and Identification Bureau, often abbreviated to R&I, of the LAPD allows police officers and detectives working in the field to get information on addresses, locations, names, vehicle information, criminal records, registrations, etc. to help with an investigation. Cole Phelps can call R&I via a house landline, a public, or a police telephone (Gamewell).

This phone can also be used to receive messages from people at the local precinct or from the morgue.

You cannot go through a single case without calling R&I as it played a major part in crime solving back in the 1940s, just like it does now. 

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