"No offence, but I don't want you splashed on my shoes!"
―Sam Kaplan

Sam Kaplan is a character featured in L.A. Noire. He is a patrolman for the LAPD.

Events of L.A. Noire

Kaplan is first seen in A Marriage Made in Heaven, where he is at the scene of the crime. He informs Phelps of the victim and the witness.

In the street crime "Death from Above", he appears on the roof of a building, being held hostage by two men. Victor Zimmerman, his partner, informs Phelps of the situation. The men shoot at Phelps. However, he goes onto the roof, and rescues Kaplan.

He also appears in the Homicide street crime "Death Plunge" where Cliff Harrison is threatening to jump off of a building. Kaplan states that he knows a lot about psychology, and uses reverse-psychology by taunting Harrison to jump. However, Phelps was able to get to the top and prevent Harrison from jumping.

Case Appearances


Street Crimes (Traffic)

Street Crimes (Homicide)


  • In Errol Schroeder's notebook in "Upon Reflection", there is a contact with the name 'Kaplan'. Considering there are several cops mentioned in the notebook Sam may be one of his contacts, hinting at possible corruption.
  • His car number is 16A.