"We have the vic, Scooter Peyton, a Negro male, bagged up and on his way to Central Morgue."
―Floyd Rose

Scooter Peyton is a minor and unseen character in L.A. Noire. He is the murder victim in the case "Upon Reflection".


Events of L.A. Noire

Not much is known about Peyton, besides he was an African American, and supposedly worked for Errol Schroeder. Peyton was shot and murdered in an alleyway on Industrial Street. Homicide Detectives Floyd Rose and Rusty Galloway were sent to investigate. However, they struggled for leads, and could not find the murder weapon. They did not seem interested in the case at all, so they called in uniform instead.

Peyton's body was bagged and taken to Central Morgue by Malcolm Carruthers. Patrol Officers Cole Phelps and Ralph Dunn were later called for an evidence search, during which they found a Smith and Wesson Model 27. revolver on the roof of a nearby building. Tracing the gun to it's owner, their investigation lead them to arrest Schroeder, though it is uncertain if he was truly was the murderer. Schroeder's motive for murdering Peyton is also unknown.

Case Appearances