Skeletons in the Icebox achievement/trophy is an achievement/trophy that can be obtained in the DLC case Nicholson Electroplating. It is awarded after investigating Tomoko Okamoto's apartment and finding all clues.

There are 5 clues to be found in Tomoko Okamoto's apartment.

  • First and second clue is found once you open the fridge. Inside is a murdered man shot in the head and torso. After a questionable remark by Biggs investigate the body. Look at the head and tilt it to the right. Phelps will comment on the shooting of John Doe. On his left wrist is a watch. Checking his right fingers provides the second clue which is a ring. Both these clues suggest the unknown male is a part of the aviation industry.
  • The third clue is atie pin that is awarded to retired police officers. It is found by the fireplace.
  • Check out the blood stains on the wall prior to heading into the bedroom. This counts as clue four.
  • Clue five can be found to the left as you walk in on the dresser right on the sink. It is a matching earring to the one found at the first crime scene. Phelps will pull out the one found initially. The two earrings lock together and reveal a hidden compartment which hides some microfilm. This should now unlock the achievement. If not go back and check the body and the blood stains leading from the bedroom the fridge.

Note: The achievements name "Skeletons In The Icebox" is a reference to Stevie Wonder's song "Skeletons in the Closet". The song was also used for the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, which is another Rockstar title.

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