"Smith & Wesson, Model 27 Registered Magnum. Chambered for .357, Nickel-plated with pearl grips. Same gun used by General Patton."
―The gunstore owner
"You're not suggesting that he's the owner?"
―Ralph Dunn

The Smith & Wesson Model 27 is a double action revolver featured in L.A. Noire. It cannot be used by the player.


The Smith and Wesson Model 27 Registered Magnum is the original .357 Magnum revolver and was first produced in 1935.

When first introduced by Smith & Wesson in 1935 it was known as the .357 magnum Registered Magnum, but was later designated the "Model 27" in the late 1950's.

The model was originally a custom-order revolver. Barrel lengths could be had in quarter inch increments from 3.5" to 8.75" in length. In addition to the different length of barrels available there were different grips, front sights, triggers, hammers and finishes available.

Each Registered Magnum came with a certificate of authenticity. Even though it was introduced in the middle of the Great Depression, and was extremely expensive, Smith and Wesson found itself backlogged with orders for the four years that it produced the Registered Magnum.

The weapon depicted in game is a post-war model, as it's front sight runs flush with the muzzle.

In game

A 3-inch barreled version of the gun has been seen in both videos and screenshots. In the first case, Cole will find the revolver, but it is unusable, because it is evidence.

Details from the order book state that it is a Smith and Wesson Model 27 with a 4-inch barrel, and is nickel-plated with pearl grips.

The gun is used to kill Scooter Peyton, an employee of Errol Schroeder whom is suspected of his murder. Two shots were fired out of its 6-capacity barrel, both entering Scooter's skull. After the murder, it was thrown on top of a rooftop in an Alleyway on 6th and Industrial Street.



  • Schroeder ordered the revolver on 02/04/1946.
  • The gun store owner who sold the weapon states that this model of gun is the same as the one that was carried by Gen. George S. Patton. This is correct, General Patton did carry a 3-inch barreled, nickel plated Smith and Wesson Registered Magnum (Model 27) on his left hip and fondly referred to it as his "killing gun." General Patton's pistol had ivory grips, however, not pearl. He is famous for stating that "Only a pimp in a New Orleans cat house would carry a pearl handled revolver."
  • The gun store owner also stated that the gun is "Strong enough to bring down a rhino," although it is likely that this is just a brag, as the .357 Magnum was the most powerful production revolver in 1947.


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