Spare a Dime achievement/trophy is unlocked during the investigation of Parnell's Soup Co. Factory after the gunfight in the case Reefer Madness.

First, during the case you need to ensure to collect the coins carried by the suspects. This is relatively easy assuming you thoroughly investigate the bodies. Coins found on living suspects are catalogued automatically as they are handed over by the assailants.

Now back at Parnell's Soup Co. Factory after investigating the two bodies Ray Pinker calls you over to inspect the coins you have found. Look under the microscope and put them in the correct order to spell out your next destination. Arrange the coins as follows:

1. The last coin on the right (MAS coin) moves to the empty slot on the left
2. The third coin from the left (ALS coin) moves to the last spot on the right
3. The first coin on the left (ANG coin) moves to the empty slot in the middle
4. This should spell (MAS)(ANG)(KAY)(MET)(ALS)

Together, the coins spell Masangkay Metals. This is the final destination you will travel to and will unlock the achievement.


Spare A Dime Achievement Video

This video highlights both where to collect the coins needed for the puzzle and how to arrange them correctly.