Star Map is an achievement/trophy in L.A. Noire. It can be earned by discovering all landmark buildings around Los Angeles. To discover them you will have to drive past them where in the bottom left corner it will display the Landmark you discovered, and then also appear on the 'Map'.

The easiest way to get this Achievement/Trophy is to follow the list of Landmarks below clicking on each one that you are looking to find. This is where it will indicating where the Landmark is located either by photo or the road in which it can be found. You then need to drive past this Landmark. You can monitor your progress through the 'statistics' located on the 'Pause' Menu to help with how many you have left to find, or an easier way is to copy and paste the list of Landmarks, and taking note of the ones you need and don't need to find.

List of Landmarks

4th Street Viaduct
6th Street Viaduct
Angels Flight
The Bradbury
Brown Derby
Bullocks Wilshire
Christ Crown of Thorns
Crossroads of the World
El Pueblo de Los Angeles
The Good Samaritan Hospital
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Hall of Records
Hotel Roosevelt
Intolerance Set
L.A. Cold Storage
L.A. County Art Museum
Los Angeles Examiner
Los Angeles Public Library
MacArthur Park
Main St. Terminal
Max Factor Building
The Mayfair Hotel
Musso & Franks
National Biscuit Factory
Park Plaza
Pershing Square
RKO Theatre
Union Station
Westlake Tar Pits


To rapidly accumulate landmarks, a safe bet is to drive the length of a few main thoroughfares - Hollywood Boulevard, Broadway, and 8th Street all have a decent population of landmarks on them. This will also rapidly gain you ranks early on, and give you Intuition Points. The flipside is, once five Intuition Points have been reached, they don't accumulate further. It may suit the player to hold off on gathering large amounts of landmarks at once, in case they need a quick Intuition point or two later.

It's not uncommon to pick up a landmark or two when driving to a crime scene, depending on the route taken. If the partner drive option is chosen, however, no credit is given for passing landmarks.

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