Steven Bigelow is a character in L.A. Noire. He is a suspect in the case "A Slip of the Tongue".



Bigelow worked for Gordon Leitvol by helping in his auto racket, profiting off stolen cars. Bigelow was privy to the fact that Leitvol had a severe gambling addiction and debts, which threatened to void his government print contracts. Bigelow used his warehouse to store stolen cars and hired James Belasco and Jean Archer as "transport mules" to export and sell the cars in other states. Bigelow's warehouse fronted as an auto repair shop, while Leitvol gave Bigelow a supply of pink slips to cover the fraud and make all the sales seem legitimate. Bigelow seemed to have some sort of affiliation to the Cohen Crime Syndicate, which would explain the hired goons for protection and enforcement in his warehouse.

Events of L.A. Noire

Unfortunately, Archer was naive and greedy enough to try and sell one of the cars herself in Los Angeles, to Richard Coombs, at Coombs Automotive. The car she sold was re-sold by Coombs to Cliff Harrison. While Harrison was in possesion of the car, it was recognized as a stolen vehicle, and Belasco was also later arrested under suspicion of grand theft auto. Although the two had legitimate paperwork, Detective Cole Phelps questioned them and deduced that they were part of a stolen car racket. They gave Bigelow as their employer and the location of his warehouse.

Detectives Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky raided the warehouse to arrest everyone, though they sparked a massive shootout, ending with Bigelow as the sole survivor. Bigelow attempted to lie, though Phelps easily cracked him, forcing Bigelow to reveal Leitvol as in charge as well as his gambling debts, thus providing Phelps with a strong case to arrest Leitvol. Bigelow was arrested, and sent to prison for racketeering and fraud.

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