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Stout Scarab
Bonus-Stout Scarab
Class Bonus
Year 1936
Power 85 hp
Top Speed 75 mph

Stout Scarab is a unique 1930s U.S automobile produced in small numbers by Stout Engineering Laboratories and later by Stout Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan.

Among a host of novelties and innovations, the Stout Scarab is credited by many as the world's first production minivan, and an experimental prototype of the Scarab became the world's first car with a fibreglass bodyshell and air suspension. The Scarab's interior is flexible and can be compared to todays modern minivans and MPVs. Every seat except for the driver's seat could be easily reconfigured. This was good for the flexibility but not so good for the safety, since the seats weren't fixed at all.

The in-game model lacks some details compared to the real Scarab, mainly the scarab emblem on the hood and the accompanying vents. From all of the Hidden Vehicles in the game, the Stout Scarab is the slowest one, with a top speed of only 75 mph.

Traffic stop

Traffic stop with Stout Scarab

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