Studebaker Commander is a make of car available in L.A. Noire. It is identifiable as a 1947 model, matching the standard civilian-use version also available in the game.

The all-new postwar 1947 Studebaker Commander Coupe was announced well in advance of the 1947 model year in early '46 making Studebaker "First by far with a postwar car!" The 1947 Commander was a styling sensation that, to some extent, predicted design trends not only at Studebaker, but also for the auto industry as a whole, particularly the flow through front fenders and the low hood/deck height. The base MSRP for the 1947 Studebaker Commander Coupe was just $1,755.00.

In the game, the Studebaker Commander (Police) is used by the Crime Scene Photographer. This is identifiable from the livery on the door of the vehicle. You can get it during The Fallen Idol case. After the cut scene when you first arrive at the crash site directly behind you.

In the Studio Secretary Murder, it can appear at the crime scene after you talk to John Jamison. It also is available in the crime scene in A Marriage Made in Heaven, along with the Coroner's Van.

In the Consul's Car the Commander appears directly in front of the vehicle that you take to Jacob's backyard. After the arrival cutscene walk back out the alley and look to the right.


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