"Nasty weapon."
―Cole Phelps
"All the Italians carry them. A real man uses his fists or a gun."
―Roy Earle

The Switchblade is a knife and a melee weapon featured in L.A. Noire. It cannot be used by the player.


The switchblade is a knife favoured by the underworlds street thugs and hustlers. Carlo Arquero owns one as seen when Cole searches him in "The Set Up".


  • Roy Earle refers to it as a "pig sticker."
  • The in-game switchblade is largely inaccurate from a real switchblade. It is patterned after an Italian stiletto, which is a side-opening switchblade, whilst the in-game model is depicted as being an OTF(Out The Front). The in-game model is also mirrored, causing the bayonet-grind swedge(unsharpened edge) to be on the wrong side. The game describes it as dual-edged which is also inaccurate.

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