The City of Angels is an achievement/trophy awarded for reaching 100% completion in L.A. Noire. The following list provides the specific requirements for achieving 100% completion. Whilst in the process of reaching 100% you can access your 'Statistics' from the 'Pause' Menu, where under the 'Game Completion' Section shows you how many collectables you have obtained so far in the game and indicates the parts you may need to go back and achieve in order to gain this Achievement/Trophy.


  • Complete all Cases (57% of the game) - There are 21 total cases across all five crime desks, not counting downloadable content.
  • Complete all Street Crimes (15% of the game) - There are 40 total street crimes across all crime desks except the Patrol.
  • Find all Newspapers (3% of the game) - There are 13 newspapers obtainable in the course of the assigned cases.
  • Drive all Vehicles  (15% of the game) - There are 95 total vehicles organized into six categories: 2-Door (25 vehicles), 4-Door (19 vehicles), Sports (8 vehicles), Service (19 vehicles), Bonus (15 vehicles), and Police (9 vehicles).
  • Find all Gold Film Reels (7% of the game) - There are 50 gold film reels scattered across Los Angeles.

Summary Table

Component Number to Collect/Complete Percentage
Story Cases 21 57%
Street Crimes 40 15%
Vehicles 95 15%
Film Reels 50 7%
Landmarks 30 3%
Newspapers 13 3%
Total 100%

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