"This is a sick town, Detective. The truth is my husband likes them young."
Gloria Bishop
The Fallen Idol is a Traffic case in L.A. Noire. This is the last case Cole Phelps takes on the Traffic Desk, before he is promoted to the Homicide Desk.


Assigned to an auto accident. A Chevy Styleline, wrecked against a billboard after driving at high speed over the escarpment opposite Central. Remarkably, no fatalities. Female driver and passenger escaped with minor injuries. The driver is even lucid enough to be making allegations of attempted murder. I get the impression the Captain isn't wild about her story, but he still wants the crash site worked.

Persons of Interest


  • Investigate Crash Site
  • Interview Jessica Hamilton
  • Tail June Ballard
  • Investigate Bishop's Apartment
  • Trace Address of Prop Store
  • Investigate Silver Screen Props
  • Locate Mark Bishop
  • Evade or Subdue the Mobsters
  • Investigate Movie Set
  • Get Bishop Off the Lot Alive


Crash Site

Due to its close proximity, you can walk there from the station, but you'll probably be needing the car later anyway. When you get there, you'll be briefed by police officer Enrique Gonzales during a cutscene. Use the side embankment pathway to the left, to get to the actual crash site, where you'll find the coroner. Examine the following clues.

Stencil Found
Thefallenidol underwear
On the trunk of crashed vehicle.
Description Women's briefs torn at seams, forcibly removed, found in Jessica Hamilton's bag.
Clue White Clues Underwear
Thefallenidol letterfrommother
In the handbag, on the trunk of crashed vehicle.
Description Letter signed Camille Hamilton asking Jessica to come home, Wisconsin postmark.
Clue White Clues Letter from mother

Talk to the coroner, and he'll give you another clue.

Stencil Found
Thefallenidol propshrunkenhead
Given to you by the coroner.
Description Shrunken head cast in plaster, found jamming accelerator of crashed vehicle.
Clue White Clues Prop shrunken head

Interview June Ballard

Go up the same pathway you came from, and go towards the ambulance to trigger the interview.

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Doping allegation Doubt POI Mark Bishop
Injured female passenger Lie Underwear
Fake shrunken head Doubt
Suspect 'Mark Bishop' Doubt

Central Receiving Hospital

When you arrive, speak with the receptionist to locate Jessica's room. Before entering, speak with the doctor standing outside the room. Inside her room, examine the following clue before the interview.

Stencil Found
Thefallenidol evidenceofabuse
At the end of the bed.
Description Victim's examination shows genital bruising, forcible administration of chloral hydrate.
Clue White Clues Evidence of abuse (Updated)
POI White P.O.I.'s Jessica Hamilton (Updated)

Interview Jessica Hamilton

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Crash incident report Lie Underwear or evidence of abuse
Contact with parents Lie Letter from mother
Association with Bishop Doubt
Evidence of criminal abuse Truth Clue Mermaid

Tail June Ballard

As you leave yourself, you'll see June leave with her lawyer and decide to follow her. This part is similar to certain missions in the GTA-series, where you have to follow the target from a distance. Be careful not to get too close, too far away, or draw attention to yourself by driving recklessly. Remember, crashing and turning on the siren can also cause failure. 

You tail her to a cafe, where you'll be able to eavesdrop in on her conversation presumably with Guy McAfee. Take cover by the door until she gets on the phone, and then quickly get to the booth with the newspaper to go incognito. If you haven't already achieved it, you will earn the achievement/trophy The Shadow if you successfully tail June Ballard without being spotted.

Bishop's Apartment

If you get here fast enough, you'll get to beat up McAfee's guys, but it won't have any impact on your case rating. Find the following clues, before you interview Gloria.

Stencil Found
Thefallenidol $20000check
In the bedroom, between the closet and the bed.
Description Check for $20,000, made out to Lorna Hopgood on the account of Mark Bishop.
Clue White Clues $20,000 check
Thefallenidol saddle
In the hallway.
Description Saddle prop, commissioned for Bishop film 'Gay Cowboys'.
Clue White Clues Saddle
Thefallenidol moviesetphotograph
In the office, on the left.
Description Photograph of Great Wall of Babylon set from the film 'Intolerance'.
Clue White Clues Movie set photograph
Thefallenidol moviesetreplica
In the office, on the right.
Description Scale model of Great Wall of Babylon set from the film 'Intolerance'.
Clue White Clues Movie set replica
Thefallenidol propstorephotograph
On the cabinet, in the living room.
Description Bishop and Hopgood pictured outside Silver Screen Props, with mermaid statue frontage.
Clue White Clues Prop store photograph (Updated)
POI White P.O.I.'s Marlon Hopgood
  • Go to the balcony and look at the movie set downtown.

Interview Gloria Bishop

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Domestic disturbance Doubt
Whereabouts of Bishop Truth Objective Trace Address of Prop Store
Check for $20,000 Doubt/Lie $20,000 check Clue Blackmail
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton Doubt

Before leaving, use the phone inside Bishop's apartment or outside on the street to get the address for the Silver Screen Props location.

Silver Screen Props

When you arrive, follow Marlon to the soundstage and find the following clues.

Stencil Found
Thefallenidol chloralhydrate
On the drinks cabinet, to the right on the stage.
Description Chloral hydrate formulation, matching traces in Jessica Hamilton's bloodstream.
Clue White Clues Chloral hydrate
Thefallenidol propshrunkenheadmolds
On the table outside, between the two buildings.
Description Pouring mold used to cast shrunken head props.
Clue White Clues Prop shrunken head molds
Thefallenidol filmreel
On the shelf, in the Secret Camera Room.
Description Film reel for 'Jungle Drums', producer Mark Bishop.
Clue White Clues Film reel
Bishop's whereabouts
Location Locations 'Jungle Drums' set
Thefallenidol emptyfilmcanister
On the cabinet, in the Secret Camera Room.
Description Film canister marked 'Mark Bishop/Jessica Hamilton', film missing.
Clue White Clues Empty film canister
  • Examine the mirror on the wall, at the soundstage.
  • Secret Camera Room
    • In order to gain access, you need to examine the fake wall outside.
    • Examine the pictures on the wall.
    • Examine the peep window to the toilet, in the corner.
  • Don't forget the newspaper next to the shrunken head molds outside.

Interview Marlon Hopgood

Go back inside, and interview Marlon.

Question Response Evidence Clue/Location/P.O.I/Lead/Objective
Association with Bishop Lie Chloral hydrate or Empty film canister
Whereabouts of Bishop Truth Objective Locate Mark Bishop
Relationship with Ballard Lie Empty film canister
Evidence of blackmail Lie $20,000 check

During the cutscene, you should decide whether you're up for a shootout or a car chase, as some of Mickey Cohen's guys are waiting for you outside. Either way, your main focus should be to get out of there quickly.

'Jungle Drums' Set

When you arrive, you immediately spot Mark. Prepare yourself for a little chase, that will take you around most of the set. As you finally catch up with him, Guy McAfee's guys arrive and you will have to defend Mark as well as yourself.

Video Walkthrough

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 7 - The Fallen Idol (5 Star)50:29

LA Noire - Walkthrough - Mission 7 - The Fallen Idol (5 Star)

Case Briefing

"Assigned to an auto accident. A Chevy Styleline, wrecked after driving at high speed over the escarpment opposite Central. Remarkably, no fatalities. Female driver and passenger escaped with minor injuries. The driver is even lucid enough to be making allegations of attempted murder. I get the impression the Captain isn't wild about her story, but he still wants the crash site worked."

Case Notes

  • "No charges will stick to Mr and Mrs McAfee, but Mark Bishop's film career is officially over."
  • "Reaching the apartment earlier would have meant a chance to give McAfee's goons what for."


"I don't think they liked your litte pep talk, Bekowsky!"
Cole Phelps
"Shit, get us out of here!"
Stefan Bekowsky


  • On the chloral Hydrate pill bottle it says the medicine was prescribed by Dr. Stoneman, a character who later appears in the story if you have the "Naked City" vice case.
  • When handed the shrunken head by the coroner, Cole Phelps responds by saying: "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio", thus quoting from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
  • In the end cutscene of this mission, you hear Elsa crying about the death of her friend, Lou Buchwalter, who, as you discover later in the Arson case "House of Sticks", was killed by terrible work materials while working for Elysian Fields.
  • The Chevy Styleline in this case is a 1949 model.
  • This case takes place the same day that Lou Buchwalter died.
  • According to the Rockstar Games Social Club, this case is one of the most commonly failed cases. Before interrogating Hopgood (and triggering the chase sequence), be sure to explore the prop factory, including the front areas.
  • It is possible to "free roam" with guns in this case. Play through the case up until the very end, where police officers arrive at the Intolerance Set in Ford Police Specials, then very quickly commandeer one of these (if all enemies die the ending cutscene plays, so be swift). Drive away from the Intolerance Set, and you're free to roam. Bekowsky should catch a ride in a police car and meet up with you.
  • If you head to Central Receiving Hospital via Central Police Station, Mel Fleischer will tell you that "your victim has come around".
  • If you check the bathroom in the Prop House, you can find a one-way mirror like the one for the dressing room.
  • If Phelps branches 'Association with Bishop' question correctly, he will threaten to break Hopgood's jaw if he doesn't start to cooperate. To be fair, if Hopgood's jaw was broken, he wouldn't be able to speak, so Phelps' methods of coercing are flawed in this case.



  • There seems to be a new glitch in The Fallen Idol; Phelps seems to not be able to go down the ladder while chasing Bishop through the movie set.
  • After tailing June Ballard, if you exit the diner quickly and attempt to open her door as the car pulls away she will be thrown from the vehicle and scream. Then, she will be standing on the sidewalk and not react, even if face to face with Phelps.
  • Some players report a glitch in which the coroner doesn't hand Phelps the shrunken head, if the player drove to the crime scene. Walking from the station seems to avoid this.
  • If you exit the Studebaker Commander Police vehicle by the crash site, it will disappear.
  • Sometimes, you just can't get to Bishop's Apartment fast enough, even if you let your partner drive. 
  • Interview with Marlon Hopgood
    • The 'Association with Bishop' question will accept 'Empty film canister' as evidence, but the game behaves like 'Chloral hydrate' was used.
    • In the Xbox 360 and PC version, the last question might be validated as failed, even though you were right. As long as you get the others, it won't prevent you from getting 5 star case rating. Reloading from a checkpoint, seems to get around it.
  • After fighting Guy McAfee's thugs at Bishop's apartment, Bekowsky may lose his hat. If so, be careful not to hit it with your feet, or it might get stuck in a corner, and Bekowsky will be hatless until the next location. It is possible the same might happen to your own hat, which you can fix by changing outfits.

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