The Moose is an achievement/trophy in L.A. Noire. It can be earned by tailing Candy Edwards in the Vice desk case "The Set Up" from the parking lot to her destination without using cover or going incognito.

This can easily be obtained by keeping a sizable distance away from Candy Edwards at all times. Also, rather than taking cover behind vehicles and corners of buildings as this would cause the achievement not to unlock, you can simply stand in these positions while observing the suspect without going into cover. When the suspect disappears round a corner, you can run to catch up before finding another spot to hide. This continues until the end of an alleyway is reached and a cut scene starts showing Candy entering a liquor store. The achievement should unlock when the new objective appears.

If you are spotted after the mid-tail checkpoint (approximately where Candy walks down the residential path with wooden picket fences), the game will reload with you in cover. This will not prevent the achievement from unlocking. As long as you don't use cover or go incognito while you're in control, the achievement is still attainable.


L.A. Noire - The Moose Trophy Achievement Guide

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  • The achievement name "the moose" may be a reference to the 1944 American film noir "Murder, My Sweet" where one character is named Moose Malloy. However this is only speculation.


  • Although the description says that the player is allowed to go incognito during the beginning of the tail sequence, some players have reported that this is not true, and that the only way to obtain this achievement is to run away from the newspaper at the beginning and hiding somewhere else.(confirmed ps3 on 8/24/12) also it should be noted that if you're spotted and restart at a check point incognito you're also denied said trophy.